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Twitter Stops Serving Ads to VIPs

Peter Kafka:

Twitter makes its money by showing ads to its users.

But not all of its users: For the past few months, the social media company has stopped displaying ads, or has dramatically reduced the number of ads it displays, to a small group of some of its most prominent and active users.

For those people, Twitter is an ad-free, or nearly ad-free, experience.

Advertisers must be curious about this move. They are paying for their ad to reach customers and Twitter is arbitrarily taking that opportunity away from them based on the particular user’s valuableness?

Twitter sources say the company doesn’t select the no-ad or low-ad group purely by star power, but by a variety of criteria, including the volume and reach of the tweets they generate.

Fortuitously, for the rest of the us, there’s a solution to obtaining an ad-free Twitter experience: use a third party Twitter app. I recommend Tweetbot 4.

Note: I have previously experimented with Twitter ads in the past and discovered they are very good at enshittening a user's timeline while not being very useful.