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The FFI List

What’s Happened?

v3.0 of FATCA FFI List is no more. It’s been replaced by the new and improved v1.0 of The FFI List. There are a few reasons behind this: the level of effort to upgrade to iOS 9; adding sync; and a more efficient database search to name but a few.

The FFI List is being launched as a new app and FATCA FFI List has been removed from the App Store.

Release Notes:

NEW: Support for Sponsored Groups has been added.
NEW: Ability to quickly filter on valid/invalid GIINs.
NEW: Saved FFIs are indexed on your device. This means you can search for Saved FFIs from the home screen.
NEW: Saved FFIs are now synced across all your iOS devices (requires iCloud).
NEW: You can now access The FFI List blog inside the app.
NEW: The app supports 3D Touch Quick Actions on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.
FIXED: Delete All Saved FFIs button is disabled when there are no saved FFIs.
IMPROVED: Search performance.

The FFI List will be available for free for a period of one week, and then will increase in price to $0.99USD (or local price tier equivalent).