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Tappable Areas in a SwiftUI List Row

I have a problem with the tappable area in a SwiftUI list row: it doesn’t cover the entire row.

Here is my code:

Section(header: Text("Latest Transit News").bold(), content: {
    HStack(alignment: .center) {
            .frame(width: 18.33, height: 15.14)
        VStack(alignment: .leading) {
            Text("SBS Transit")
    }.onTapGesture {
                  options: [UIApplication.OpenExternalURLOptionsKey.universalLinksOnly : false], completionHandler: nil)

This produces the expected row:

The only tappable area in the entire row is enclosed in the red box: the Image and Text. My expectation is that the entire HStack should be tappable.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a solution? Please let me know.