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Squarespace Finally Adds SSL to Websites

One of the main reasons I migrated my website from Squarespace to Jekyll almost two years ago was that there was no way to secure my site with SSL. As of late October, Squarespace are (finally) securing all websites using Let’s Encrypt, for free. Franklin Angulo writes:

So, starting today, we’re proud to offer free SSL on all Squarespace websites.


Squarespace is taking care of almost everything, making this an easy transition for customers. To seamlessly manage SSL certificates for all of our websites, we’ve partnered with Let’s Encrypt, a free and open certificate authority (CA) run for the public’s benefit that provides free SSL certificates.

I’m in no rush to return to Squarespace just yet, but if anyone knows of a quick way to convert Jekyll posts into a Squarespace import file, please let me know.