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Spam iCloud Calendar Invitations

Today I received a spam calendar invite on my iCloud account. Had this been at work (on Outlook) I’d have just declined without sending a response. But this is iCloud and it plays by different rules! Surprisingly, it appears that there is no way on iOS or macOS to delete a calendar invitation without informing the originator:

Informing Your Spammer

Why there is no way to simply delete an invite without a response is beyond me. It presents a security risk in that by responding you are confirming that your email address is real and in use.

It’s certainly one for @AppleSupport:


There is a solution via Pixel Envy and The Dangling Pointer:

  1. Create a new iCloud calendar (not “On My Mac”).
  2. Move the spam event to the new iCloud calendar.
  3. Delete the new iCloud calendar.
  4. Calendar will now prompt you with “Delete and Don’t Notify” and “Delete and Notify”.
  5. Select “Delete and Don’t Notify”.