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Singapore Transit Summer Update

Singapore Transit is undergoing some major changes in order to support iOS 13 and watchOS 6.

The nearby bus stops, bus arrivals, and MRT/LRT service status views have all seen some level of redesign. The Traffic Incident screen has been completely redesigned. Typography has been refreshed throughout, accessibility support has been improved further, and the app supports both light and dark mode. Finally, database updates — new bus stops and routes — are now delivered in the background rather than through updates via the App Store.

The Watch app that shipped with v1 and v2 has been…deleted. It is currently in the process of being rebuilt from scratch using SwiftUI1. The plan is for it have, as far as possible, feature parity with the iOS app.

The next version of Singapore Transit will also switch to date based versioning. The first version will be Singapore Transit 2019, then 2019.1, and so on. This is for simplicity more than anything else.

When’s all this coming?

I’m targeting late October. This should give the majority of current users enough time to upgrade to iOS 13 and watchOS 6, which will be the minimum supported versions.

  1. This has hit a slight delay as TestFlight doesn’t seem to support builds that use Combine. I’ve raised a feedback incident: FB6992845. ↩︎