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A .Mac Apple ID and Sign in with Apple

The story of my Apple ID:

  • It was a email address created in the days of .Mac
  • I let the .Mac subscription expire before the transition to MobileMe
  • When signing into Mail on the Mac, I created an address for my Apple ID
  • This became Primary Email Address for my Apple ID

This chain of events created a problem with both my Apple ID and Sign in with Apple.

First, the Apple ID website wouldn’t let me change my Apple ID from to the address. In fact, despite the option to change my Apple ID being available, when I attempted to change it the website froze.

Second, as a result of the above, when using Sign in with Apple I had no way to resolve the following problem using the Hide my email address option:

  • Only the address was available; and,
  • Signing in always failed; and,
  • The failure reason was never given1

The only available solution to this problem? Raise a support ticket with Apple and ask them to replace your Apple ID with your Primary Email Address.

It took nine days for this change to be made on my account, and an escalation to Engineering, but it has solved all of the above problems.2

  1. A failure reason wasn’t presented to the user or via the delegate to the developer. ↩︎

  2. When the change was made all my devices started asking for my password at once. ↩︎