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SG Rail Now Available on TestFlight
1 min read

SG Rail Now Available on TestFlight

My next app, SG Rail, is now available for testing on TestFlight. Right on the cutting edge, it's written entirely in SwiftUI, except the bits that need UIKit.

As I wrote in Singapore Transit is 2:

My intention is to separate Singapore Transit into three apps:

- SG Buses
- SG Rail
- SG Traffic

Why do this?

First, each app will have a specific area of focus and this has clear benefits. For example, the map will become central to the SG Buses experience rather than part of a tableview, which itself is sandwiched between a Tab Bar and Navigation Bar.

Second, each app will be easier to maintain and update. As Singapore Transit has got bigger, this has become a bit harder.

At a minimum, these apps will support iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

The current build of SG Rail supports iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. Over-and-above the functionality available in Singapore Transit, you can fine-tune notifications on a per-line basis, so if you're only interested in the Downtown Line, you can subscribe to notifications for that line alone. Additionally, SG Rail has a Today Extension that displays the current status of MRT and LRT lines. Siri Intents will be added in the next release.

Lastly, a Mac app is almost ready for testing but is not quite there yet.

If you want to test the beta release you can sign up here:


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