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Removing Over the Air Updates from The FFI List  

Starting in version 1.3 of The FFI List, functionality that allows users to download updated FFI list databases will be removed. There are a few reasons for this, but it chiefly comes down to the following:

  • The FFI database barely changes from month-to-month
  • There is a small cost to hosting a new database file each month

The FFI List will continue to be updated through the App Store and, as part of those updates, receive updated versions of the database.1 The app will validate saved FFI’s GIINs against the newer database.

1.3 will be released in early September and will contain the August 24, 2016 FFI List. For those who have the in-app subscription, this has been removed from sale. To ensure you don’t miss out, there will be a 1.3.x that contains the September 24, 2016 FFI List.

Following the 1.3.x release, I plan to update the app each quarter. The next release will be in January.

  1. App Store updates are now approved in a timeframe of hours to a few days, instead of around a week. It makes this approach slightly more palatable. ↩︎