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After months of testing, I'm relaunching my website with a new design on a new platform, with a renewed focus.

For several months I've been testing new blog designs, new blog platforms, and even new domains. Today, I am relaunching my website on the Ghost platform with a more modern, visual design. There will also be some other changes.

First, I am refocussing the website's content. There will be long-form articles that examine the business side of being on the App Store, design, and technology news. There will still be some light coding articles and shorter hot-takes. (I promise I will try to edit myself.)

Second, there will be membership options. Members will receive emails and full access to private, long-form articles. While that content library is being written, prices are low. As the website matures, if there are other member-only features that add value, then I'll look to implement them.

Third, the only ad you'll see on this website is a single, tasteful ad from Carbon Ads. Nothing else.

I hope you enjoy the site, the new design, and—most importantly—the content.