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Quebec Response to Hate: More Tolerance

Philippe Couillard, Quebec’s premier, responding to the heinous shooting that killed six people in a mosque (via NYTimes):

“Every society has to deal with demons,” he said. “Our society is not perfect. None is. These demons are named xenophobia, racism, exclusion. They are present here. We need to recognize that and act together to show the direction we want our society to evolve.”

The Editorial Board continues:

In sad contrast, the reaction from Mr. Trump’s White House was to use the shootings to justify its anti-immigrant policies. The attack was a “terrible reminder,” said the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, of why America’s actions must be “proactive, rather than reactive.” The logic, or illogic, seemed to be that if Muslims had been kept out of Canada, they would not have been killed.

I have nothing but high regard for the Canadian response. I’m aghast at what’s coming out of Mr. Trump’s White House.