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What Does S$35 of Twitter Advertising Get You?

My app - The FFI List - is targeted at a niche market. How niche, you ask? If you were to use the $27M electron microscope at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, which is capable of making images half the width of a hydrogen atom, you still wouldn’t be able to find this market.

That said, with a small budget of S$35 I decided to use Twitter’s Promoted Tweet feature with this tweet:

Metric Organic Promoted
Impressions 451 40,426
Media Views 0 1
Detail Expands 49 238
Profile Clicks 1 134
Likes 0 49
Link Clicks 3 22
Follows 0 15
Retweets 1 10
Replies 0 2
App Clicks 0 1

Promoted Impressions is obviously a good metric, App Clicks on the other hand, is disappointing.