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Yesterday, I ported my number from StarHub to Circles.Life, a new mobile network1 that launched in Singapore in 2016. I wanted to write briefly about why I’ve switched networks.

Here’s the tariff comparison (data in bold I have as part of my allowance with Circles.Life):

  Starhub (4G 4) Circles.Life Comments
Base Data 4 GB 4 GB  
Porting Bonus Data None 1 GB  
Loyalty Data None 500 MB Added every 6 months
Referral Data None 200 MB Per referral
Circles.Life App None 1 GB  
Talk Time 350 min 100 min  
SMS 1200 Pay-as-you-go  
Cost $62.90 $28  

As you can see, the Circles.Life tariff is data oriented with significant ongoing bonuses, doesn’t contain an SMS allowance (since iMessage, WhatsApp, et al. came onto the scene, who needs a large SMS allowance on a smartphone tariff?), and, importantly, is over 50% cheaper than StarHub.

In terms of network performance, I’ve had downstream speeds ranging from 44Mbps to 69Mbps, and upstream speeds ranging from 23Mbps to 42Mbps. StarHub performance in the same areas of the city ranged from 32Mbps to 35Mbps downstream, and 12Mbps to 20Mbps upstream.

If you are a data heavy customer, I’d recommend Circles.Life. If you want a $20 discount at checkout you can use my referral code EWMGO.

  1. Technically, a Mobile Virtual Network Operation (MVNO), that operates using M1’s infrastructure. ↩︎