Stuart Breckenridge

Apple Pay Is Expanding

“Apple Pay will be available to eligible American Express customers in Canada and Australia later this year, and access will expand to Spain, Singapore, and Hong Kong beginning in 2016.”

Juli Clover

Partnering with AMEX is strange as they don’t issue debit cards and are way behind Visa and Mastercard in terms of customer volume. I’m also guessing that this rollout only applies to AMEX cards issued directly instead of through a bank–though I could be wrong–all of which limits the scope of this rollout considerably.

New Apple TV Available to Order

“The new Apple TV brings a number of improvements in both hardware and the user experience, led by a full App Store with support for third-party apps and a new touch-based remote that supports Siri-based controls in select countries.”

Eric Slivka

I’ve ordered the UK model so that I have the Siri-based controls. I find it inexcusable that Siri was demonstrated (heavily) on-stage at the Hey, Siri event, yet it’s only in the small print where Apple declares that Siri isn’t actually available in most of the launch countries.

The FFI List

What’s Happened?

v3.0 of FATCA FFI List is no more. It’s been replaced by the new and improved v1.0 of The FFI List. There are a few reasons behind this: the level of effort to upgrade to iOS 9; adding sync; and a more efficient database search to name but a few.

The FFI List is being launched as a new app and FATCA FFI List has been removed from the App Store.

Release Notes:

NEW: Support for Sponsored Groups has been added.
NEW: Ability to quickly filter on valid/invalid GIINs.
NEW: Saved FFIs are indexed on your device. This means you can search for Saved FFIs from the home screen.
NEW: Saved FFIs are now synced across all your iOS devices (requires iCloud).
NEW: You can now access The FFI List blog inside the app.
NEW: The app supports 3D Touch Quick Actions on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.
FIXED: Delete All Saved FFIs button is disabled when there are no saved FFIs.
IMPROVED: Search performance.

The FFI List will be available for free for a period of one week, and then will increase in price to $0.99USD (or local price tier equivalent).

Not Blogged In A While

It has been over a month since I blogged and that’s because, on 23rd September at 14:03, my wife and I became parents.

What a life-changing, tiring, rollercoaster of a month it’s been. We couldn’t be happier.


Content Blockers in iOS 9

Update: Marco has pulled his Peace content blocker from the App Store.

Today sees the release of iOS 9 and with it Safari Content Blockers. These are small applications (with associated extensions) that allow you to block specific content such as adverts and background trackers when browsing the web. Users see immediate increases in browsing speed and better privacy.

Websites that rely on advertising as a source of revenue are rightly concerned and some are responding. Without a doubt, their revenues are about to take a tumble.

I have no issue with advertising when it is displayed in a tasteful way. Unfortunately, when it comes as pop-unders, pop-overs, videos, and banners — sometimes all on the same site — it’s too much. Content blockers are a necessary response to an unethical practice.

I am was using the Peace content blocker, though there are several more already in existence.