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Archives + Absences

Archives + Absences for iOS, by Josh Begley:

“Sends you a push notification every time the police kill someone in the United States.”

Shedding light on sinister statistics.

How I Validate XML Files on a Mac

There’s no other way to state this: validating XML files manually is a massive pain in the ass. Luckily, you can use xmllint to validate an XML file against an XSD. This is what I used when coding FATCA Metadata Creator to ensure that the generated XML file was valid.

The process is simple, just run this command in terminal:

xmllint --noout --schema ~/PATH/Schema.xsd file.xml

If the file validates successfully, you’ll see a message that reads file.xml validates. Otherwise, if the file doesn’t validate, you’ll see an error message telling you where the failure occurred:

Schemas validity error : Element '{urn:fatca:idessenderfilemetadata}FileRevisionInd': 'falsey' is not a valid value of the atomic type 'xs:boolean'.
file.xml fails to validate

Limited Edition Apple Watch for Chinese New Year

I don’t recall ever seeing Apple offer limited edition products for an annual celebration in the UK. It’s a bit different in Asia. This year we have a limited edition Apple Watch Sport for Chinese New Year (available until February 22nd).

I’m left wondering what other annual celebrations Apple could cash in on?

Photography on 500px

I’ve started selling some of my better photos1 on 500px. I’ve never sold photos before, so this is something new. If you see something you like, feel free to license it!

Singapore at Night by Stuart Breckenridge on

  1. I’m going through a long exposure phase at the moment. ↩︎