Stuart Breckenridge

The Grand Tour: Teaser Trailer

Jonathan M. Gitlin, at ArsTechnica:

Last night, a trailer featuring Messers Clarkson, May, and Hammond hit YouTube, giving us a preview of what to expect when the first episode arrives on November 18th.

The trio decamped to Amazon following Clarkson’s sacking by the BBC after the Top Gear star’s bad behavior became too much to excuse. But the Beeb’s loss is Amazon’s gain if the trailer is anything to go by. Or, as my colleague Lee Hutchinson put it, “Just like how Kirk, Spock, and McCoy were the main magic of Star Trek, the main magic of Top Gear was its three hosts.”

The show’s name should give you a clue to the format—it’s a series of around-the-world adventures in some very cool cars, with plenty of banter and ribaldry along the way.

I’m excited. However, until Amazon announce how it will be broadcast to non Amazon Prime countries, I’m just going to assume it’ll be the most illegally downloaded show since the beginning of the internet.

No Evidence Required

Dash, the popular API documentation app, was removed from the App Store yesterday with Apple accusing the developer of manipulating App Store reviews1. As Apple has offered no evidence, it is only an accusation, and a baseless one at that.

In Apple’s world they don’t have to provide proof, they don’t have to listen to appeals, and their decision is final. As Brent Simmons eloquently describes the situation:

While this is legal, and within Apple’s rights, it’s not what we’ve come to expect from a moral judicial system. No matter what the context, we expect that the accused see the evidence against them, we expect avenues for appeal to be made available, and we expect proportional penalties.

This has to change.

Update: It appears that Apple did have good reason to remove Dash, though, according to the developer, this all happened due to an account that a family member was using that he had paid for. Very strange.

  1. In other words, paying for positive reviews. ↩︎

App Update: FFI List v1.3.2

Today, I released v1.3.2 of FFI List. This is a minor release that includes the September 24, 2016 FFI database.

This next update will be in January, 2017.

Apple Software Cycles

Matt Gemmell:

Courage is apparently what it takes to remove a headphone port, according to Phil Schiller. I can only imagine which laudable value might lead to slowing down, making the upgrade cycle biennial, and focusing once again on quality and dependability above all.

For macOS, moving to a two-year update cycle would be beneficial. Handoff, Apple Watch unlock, the entirety of iTunes, amongst others, could all do with a bit longer in the oven. (Not to mention the inevitable Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office issues that occur — and take significant time to resolve — with each macOS update.)

S/MIME Configuration in macOS Sierra

Previously, in macOS, you were able to configure which certificate was to be used for encryption in the Mail app:

Unless I am mistaken, it appears to have been removed in macOS Sierra:

I assume Apple is confident in its ability to select the right certificate for you.