Stuart Breckenridge

Magic Toolbar Appears in macOS Sierra 10.12.1

Update: It’s called the Touch Bar.

Juli Clover, for Macrumors:

macOS Sierra 10.12.1, released yesterday, includes hidden Apple Pay images that depict the brand new MacBook Pro with an OLED touch panel that’s set to be announced by Apple on Thursday, October 27.

I assume these are used as the tutorial images for the Magic Toolbar and Apple Pay, similar to those that are included when configuring the Magic Trackpad.

Website Updates

I’ve been slowly migrating my site between domains and in the process I decided to add a few new features.

Safari Pinned Tab Icon

I have no idea how popular Safari pinned tabs are, but I figured that if you do use them, you may as well get to see a decent image that distinguishes the site from others.

Safari Pinned Tab

Apple News

Again, no idea how popular Apple News is outside of Australia, the U.S., and the U.K., but if you do use it, it’s available via this link.

Facebook Instant Articles

For any of my posts that don’t contain code, they’ll also be available via Facebook Instant Articles on mobile devices. Talking of Facebook, here’s a link to the website’s public page.

No New iMac at October 27th Event?

Benjamin Mayo, for 9to5Mac:

Reliable Apple analyst KGI has published a report on Saturday outlining their predictions for Apple’s Mac roadmap ahead of the media event on October 27th. The report says that Apple will launch three new MacBooks at the event, a new 13 inch MacBook, a new 13 inch MacBook Pro and a new 15 inch MacBook Pro.

It goes on to say that new iMacs and the Apple external display will not be shipping this year; those should be expected in the first half of 2017.

This would be unfortunate for those waiting for a new iMac.

Aside: is iMac as a brand name sticking out like a sore thumb? There are no other — and haven’t been for some time — desktop products with i in the name.

Magic Toolbar: Switching Between Functions

Update: It’s called the Touch Bar.

It seems all but confirmed that the new MacBook Pro will feature a Magic Toolbar: a dynamic touch-screen replacement for the static function row of a keyboard. The mock-ups certainly look impressive.

If it works as rumoured — with the function row changing depending on the application in use — I’m wondering how a user will switch between the application function row and the standard function row to, for example, adjust the screen brightness or volume. Will it add a delay to a process that currently doesn’t have one?

It is different, but is it better? We’ll find out in short order.

Hello Again

After what seems like an eternity, Apple are finally announcing some new Mac hardware on October 27th. I’m up for a new MacBook Pro.

Add it to your calendar.