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Settled for a Fraction

Donald Trump settled the fraud lawsuit related to Trump University for $25 million and then, predictably, implied that the settlement was a good deal for him, not a good deal for the plaintiffs, and that the potential fraud amounted to a much higher sum:

Squarespace Finally Adds SSL to Websites

One of the main reasons I migrated my website from Squarespace to Jekyll almost two years ago was that there was no way to secure my site with SSL. As of late October, Squarespace are (finally) securing all websites using Let’s Encrypt, for free. Franklin Angulo writes:

So, starting today, we’re proud to offer free SSL on all Squarespace websites.


Squarespace is taking care of almost everything, making this an easy transition for customers. To seamlessly manage SSL certificates for all of our websites, we’ve partnered with Let’s Encrypt, a free and open certificate authority (CA) run for the public’s benefit that provides free SSL certificates.

I’m in no rush to return to Squarespace just yet, but if anyone knows of a quick way to convert Jekyll posts into a Squarespace import file, please let me know.

App Store Clean Up Continues Apace

Sarah Perez (via TechCrunch):

Apple had originally stated that the deadline for developers who wanted their outdated apps spared was September 7, 2016. However, Apple didn’t take immediate action during the month in terms of large-scale removals.

That seems to have changed in October, when 47,300 apps were removed from the App Store, Sensor Tower discovered.

47,300 is a huge number and while I applaud Apple’s efforts to clean up the App Store, I do think they need to be more forthcoming about their removal criteria. Back in September I wrote about1 the state of my own apps and which of those I thought would be inline for removal. I still haven’t received any indication — 30 day warning — from Apple that any of my apps will be removed.

One thing is clear though: removing 47,300 apps in a single month shows how serious Apple is about cleaning up the App Store.

  1. I definitely need to update Amazing Flag Quiz↩︎

Designed by Apple in California

Apple have released a brand new photo book which chronicles 20 years of cutting edge design.

Mitchel Broussard (via MacRumors):

Apple developed the book over an eight-year period, paying close attention to its own design and look. Because of this, the linen-bound, hardcover book is printed on specially milled, custom-dyed paper with gilded matte silver edges, using eight color separations and low-ghost ink. It will be published by Apple itself, and only be available to purchase from the Cupertino company.

Is it going against the grain to want an iBooks version?

Visual Studio for Mac

Update: I think someone posted news a little too early as the linked article has been pulled.

Mikayla Hutchinson via the MSDN blog:

At Connect(); in November, Microsoft is launching a preview of Visual Studio for Mac. This is an exciting development, evolving the mobile-centric Xamarin Studio IDE into a true mobile-first, cloud-first development tool for .NET and C#, and bringing the Visual Studio development experience to the Mac.

After the release Visual Studio Code, I expected a version of Visual Studio for Mac, but not this quickly. This is big news!