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Newsletter — Issue 3
2 min read

Newsletter — Issue 3

Issue 3 of the finest newsletter you'll read in the next two minutes.

🌏 Websites Updates

First, some quick website updates:

  • There's a new section for newsletters
  • There's a new section for members-only content
  • Comments have been migrated to a new system that doesn't require a separate login

🖕🏻Trump and Twitter

Twitter's decision to finally clamp down on Donald Trump's factually inaccurate tweets has been the biggest news in tech over the last few days. It started on 26th May with this tweet:

On the web and in the official Twitter apps, these tweets are now badged with fact-checking links. Those links lead to a well presented assassination of Trump's claims.  

However, Trump is not one that responds well to having his misinformation fact-checked.

His tweets are still up, so it's not clear what his "stifling FREE SPEECH" argument is. Regardless, he followed up these tweets with an Executive Order that, even though unenforceable, would likely hit him harder than anyone else.

Twitter responded by, correctly, continuing to keep Trump in line:

📱 Development News

SG Rail, my next app, is coming along nicely in beta (a sign up is available here).

One thing that I'm terrible at is icon design. So for SG Rail, I'm working with a designer on a series of icons. Guess which one I designed out of these two?

The more professional looking icon is a design inspired by the new Thomson-East Coast line trains that are just coming into service.

Courtesy of the Land Transport Authority

🧞‍♂️ WWDC 2020

Apple's developer conference is just around the corner, starting on June 22nd. No one quite knows how it's going to work, given its online only. It's certainly the first Apple conference that I will attend.

I wrote about what I wanted to see at WWDC this year. My wish list has been picked up by some other notable websites.


⚡Apple software quality strikes again!