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Netherlands See Sense on Encryption

“The country’s minister of security and justice Ard van der Steur wrote that the Dutch executive cabinet endorsed “the importance of strong encryption for Internet security to support the protection of privacy for citizens, companies, the government, and the entire Dutch economy.

Therefore, the government believes that it is currently not desirable to take legal measures against the development, availability and use of encryption within the Netherlands.”

Abhimanyu Ghoshal

I’m reminded of The Short List episode in The West Wing:

“In the 20’s and 30’s it was the role of government, 50s and 60s it was civil rights, the next two decades are going to be privacy. I’m talking about the Internet, I’m talking about cell phones, I’m talking about health records. Who’s gay and who’s not.”

Sam Seaborn

That was in 1999. Way ahead of its time.