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The Student Laptop of Choice

Last week I went to grab a coffee at Starbucks and couldn’t help but noticing that the place was filled with students and that every single one of them was using some variation of a Macbook. Out of 14 laptops, 13 were MacBooks (the non-Macbook user wasn’t a student). The ratio of PC-to-Mac users has flipped since I was at University 12 years ago.

The popularity of Macs isn’t a surprise: their sales figures are going through the roof while PC sales go through the floor. This, however, is caveated: Macs are popular with consumers but have a infinitesimal share in the corporate market. That doesn’t look like changing — there’s simply too much infrastructure (legacy and current1) that relies on non-Apple technologies.

Those students are going to get a shock when they join the corporate world and can’t use Macs.

  1. I’ve seen, in the last few years, ATMs that still use Windows XP.

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