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MacBook Pro 2019

Chance Miller, 9to5Mac:

Apple has announced today that it is upgrading the MacBook Pro with faster 8th- and 9th-generation Intel Core processors. This revision marks the first time that the MacBook Pro has been available in an 8-core configuration. The new MacBook Pro models also feature a revised keyboard design.


In addition to the faster processors, Apple says the new MacBook Pros feature a new iteration of its Butterfly keyboard technology. Apple is including the new keyboard on the new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros released today. Apple didn’t offer any details on whether or not the new keyboard design would also make its way to other Butterfly keyboard Macs, such as the MacBook Air.

In addition, Apple is expanding its keyboard-replacement program. Joanna Stern, for the Wall Street Journal:

Apple on Tuesday said it was changing a material used in its butterfly keyboards and expanding its keyboard-repair program. The program previously covered first- and second-generation keyboards, but now includes coverage of the third-generation keyboards introduced last year on MacBook Air and high-end MacBook Pro models.

The fact that all butterfly keyboards, from first-gen through to today’s redesign, are covered by the replacement program is a good thing. However, it doesn’t fill me with confidence that Apple has got to the bottom of what’s making the keyboards so unreliable.