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iPhone 7: Are the Secondary Speaker Holes Cosmetic?

Joe Rossignol, for MacRumors:

The text in the documents refers to the area that occupies the 3.5mm headphone jack on current iPhones as having simply a microphone and microphone mesh, with no mention of a speaker in that location. Most of the secondary holes would be non-functional, except for the one furthest to the right, which would double as a microphone.

I’m hoping this design document is a fake and the speaker grille is actually, you know, for a speaker. It’s decidedly un-Apple like to include something so misleading in their hardware design and I can’t think of any other examples of them doing this.

The only reason I think they would include a speaker grille in that location is to give the bottom of the phone the appearance of being symmetrical. I think this is a pretty poor reason though. The iPhone has been around for nine years and the bottom of the phone has never been symmetrical. This has had no impact on sales and I’ve never read a complaint about the look and feel of the bottom of an iPhone. There are, quite frankly, bigger design problems to solve.12

  1. On Plus size devices: the location of the power button is ergonomically obtuse. ↩︎

  2. On 6 and 6s non-Plus devices: the phone is too light (use it in a windy place), the battery life is not good, and it’s too slippy in hand without a case. ↩︎