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Introducing Singapore Rail
2 min read

Introducing Singapore Rail

A realtime dashboard of MRT & LRT service status in Singapore, with push notifications, Siri, Today Widget, a fantastic selection of custom app icons, and (unbelievably) t-shirts!
Introducing Singapore Rail

Singapore Rail is four firsts for me:

  • my first app replacing the component parts of Singapore Transit;
  • my first app written in SwiftUI;
  • my first app backed with Swift on the Server (Vapor 4); and,
  • my first app with clothing. (Yes, I now sell garments.)

What is Singapore Rail?

In a nutshell: a realtime dashboard of MRT & LRT service status, with push notifications, Siri interactions, a Today Widget, and a fantastic selection of custom app icons.

Singapore Rail features detailed service unavailability information including affected stations, the affected direction of travel, and information on whether there are free public buses or MRT shuttles in operation.

Additionally, you can configure push notifications on a per-line basis, set Siri interactions and shortcuts on a per-line basis, and add a nicely designed today widget to Notification Centre.

A press kit is available here.

What about those app icons?

Singapore Rail comes with a fantastic default app icon that represents the train used on the newest MRT line, the Thomson-East Coast Line. The initial release also includes an in-app purchase for icons that cover trains used on lines that were introduced from 2003 - 2013: the Circle Line, the Downtown Line, and the North East Line.

I might do a 1980's pack.

I Now Sell Garments

Yeah, so, if you really like the app icons (and the app, hopefully), I have launched one t-shirt on Cotton Bureau with the default app icon.

I hope you enjoy the app!