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App Store Reviews in iOS 10.3

Apple Developer News:

With iOS 10.3, you can use a new API to ask users to provide App Store ratings and reviews without leaving your app. You can also publicly respond to customer reviews on the App Store and Mac App Store.

The new API is SKStoreReviewController which provides a single method: requestReview().

SKStoreReviewController implemented in FFI List.

The functionality adheres to App Review Policy, which has been neatly summed up by Jim Dalrymple:

Developers will only be able to bring up the review dialog three times a year. If a customer has rated the app, they will not be prompted again. If a customer has dismissed the review prompt three times, they will not be asked to review the app for another year.

What’s not clear to me is if these counts will be reset with each new app version. I assume they will be, otherwise, apps that were reviewed just prior to being updated will be out of the loop for a year.