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HSBC Now Accepts Apple Pay in Singapore

HSBC have announced(PDF) that they now support Apple Pay in Singapore. That leaves Citibank as the only major bank in Singapore that don’t support Apple Pay. When I asked what their Apple Pay plans were in September this was their response:

At Citibank Singapore we continue to enhance value propositions to our customers so that they get to enjoy a differentiated banking experience that is simpler, faster and secure. Digital wallets are just one of the many initiatives that we are currently reviewing. We will be progressively introducing new services to our customers and will share more details in due course.

Thank you for your continued support of Citibank.

Contrast that with what they are telling their customers (via their Facebook page) as recently as a few days ago:

We do not have any plans to launch Apple Pay in Singapore in the immediate future.

Thank you for your support of Citibank. We look forward to continue being of service to you.

Differentiated by being the only bank not to support a product.