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Host Migration

Since converting the content of this site from Wordpress to Jekyll, I’ve been using as web host. However, over the last few months I’ve been disappointed with certain aspects of the service.

First, there was downtime for the entire Surge network in January as a result of a DMCA takedown request. Second, their CLI generates some remarkably unhelpful error messages. For example, when uploading a new PEM file the error I received was as follows:

Error - something went wrong. the pem file was not applied

What are you meant to do with that?

So I decided to migrate to Netlify and this turned to be much easier than anticipated.

I signed up using my GitHub account and pointed the Netlify to this website’s repository. As I build the site locally on my Mac and then commit to GitHub, I simply had to set the public folder to the _site directory in the repository with no need to apply any build scripts. When ever I commit to GitHub, Netlify detects the commit and syncs the changes. I’ve been really impressed with the speed in which this synchronisation happens.

Using Netlify has also simplified my deploy script:

cd ~/pathtosite
bundle exec jekyll build
cp _redirects _site #Redirects needs to be copied to _site after build
git add .
git commit -m "Commit via Script"
git push

Overall, I’m very happy with the migration.