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Graphics Glitches on the New MacBook Pros

Joe Rossignol, for MacRumors:

Since new MacBook Pro models launched last month, an increasing number of early adopters have reported serious graphics issues on Apple’s latest notebooks. The glitches and other problems appear to be most prevalent on built-to-order 15-inch models, but standard 13-inch and 15-inch configurations are also affected. […]

It would initially seem the issue is limited to 15-inch MacBook Pro models with dedicated AMD graphics, but there are a few isolated reports of graphics issues on 13-inch models with integrated Intel Iris 540 and Intel Iris 550 graphics — including the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with a standard row of function keys.

The good news here is that this issue is not limited to a specific set of graphics cards — it appears to affect AMD and Intel integrated cards alike. That should mean that this is an issue that can be resolved via a software update.