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Fortnite Platform Restrictions

The geek in me wanted to see how Fortnite played in 4K on the Xbox One X. However, after downloading, I was disappointed to be hit with this error message when the game started:

Your Account can not play on this Platform.

It turns out that because I have a PS4 PSN ID linked to my Epic Games account, I can’t play on Xbox One with an Xbox Gamertag linked to that same Epic Games account. Platform Restrictions kick in and they suck. According to this help article, if you want to play Fortnite on both PS4 and Xbox, you need two Epic Games accounts:

If you receive this error when attempting to launch Fortnite, it means that your account is locked out of playing on Xbox One. In order to play on that platform, you will need to unlink the Xbox Live Gamertag you are attempting to play on from your Epic account, and then re-link it to a new Epic account.

It’s user hostile in the extreme. There must be a better solution1.

  1. Perhaps this one which allowed PS4 and Xbox cross-platform play, accidentally. ↩︎