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Fortnite Asia Servers for Xbox Players

Since Sony decided to allow cross-platform play for Fortnite, I’ve found myself playing more and more on Xbox One X. I find the overall Fortnite experience on the Xbox One X to be the best available.

However, there’s a huge problem: there are no Asia or South-East Asia servers for Xbox players. None! This means that auto-matchmaking will sometimes connect to Oceania servers (Sydney) or NA-West (Northern California). When you’re connecting from Singapore this results in high pings ranging from 150ms to 250ms. Sometimes it’s just playable; sometimes it’s clearly unplayable.

Two things make this all the more irritating. First: if you play Fortnite on PS4, Switch, iOS or Mac/PC, then an Asia server is available, with exceptionally low pings. Second: there was a very brief period over Christmas where Xbox had an Asia server and it was superb, but then it disappeared.

I’m hopeful that the Asia server for Xbox players will return soon.