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Fitness Bugs in watchOS 2 and iOS 9

I’ve been using watchOS 2 and the iOS 9 betas for app development, but with a marathon coming up I thought I’d see what state the fitness and activities apps were in. Below are the issue I’ve come across:

  • Activities glance UI is distorted. (Radar: 21582510)
  • Activate on wrist raise during workouts is slow. (Radar: 21582523)
  • Watch OS 2 and iOS 9 do not connect to external heart rate monitors. (Radar: 21582562, 21582581).

Another important note for those considering the update to the watchOS 2 beta: there is no known downgrade path back to watchOS 1.0.1. Apple hasn’t announced an equivalent to the iOS DFU mode. If you upgrade you need to stick with watchOS 2 for the entire beta cycle.