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My Favourite Multiplayer Maps

“Let’s get some grenades and defend this beatch.”

An Unknown Texan

11 years ago I was playing Halo 2 multiplayer on the Zanzibar map when the above quote was muttered at the start of a 1-Flag CTF match. It was so unexpected that I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in any game, ever. Now, in 2015, playing through Halo: The Master Chief Collection1, it got me thinking about what multiplayer maps have stood out as my favourites over the test of time.

#####Zanzibar — Halo 2 The original Zanzibar is my favourite map of all time. It has a great balance of just enough outdoor space to allow for vehicle combat which is tempered by the presence of turrets, to the indoor corridors of the base room allowing for close combat. The placement of the sword at the peak of the map always resulted in an ambitious (or suicidal) player running to get it first.

#####Dust 2 — Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source, CS:GO Dust 2 is an odd inclusion in this list as I cannot stand its predecessor. Nevertheless, whether defending or attacking Bombsite A or B, I really like Dust 2. There are so many different approaches — Rush B, Rush A Long, 2B3A, Rush A Short, Mid to B — it’s just outrageous.

#####Super-Bomberman Unlike Halo or Counter-Strike, in Super-Bomberman you could actually see what your enemy was doing all the time. The grid based, top-down system made it a game of reactions and tactics. It was brilliant, simple, and cunning.

  1. Including Zanzibar's remake: Last Resort.

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