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FATCA Packets

For the second day in a row here’s a new app, FATCA Packets. It is the .NET implementation of the FATCA IDES Preparation tool, which you can use to create, encrypt, and validate IDES payloads. It was built following the instructions available the IRS’ GitHub site.

You can download the source code from GitHub or download a ClickOnce deployment from here. This is a code-signed application, however, SmartScreen may prevent the application from running unless you allow it to and/or it builds up enough reputation1.

  1. Reputation is established by SmartScreen® service intelligence algorithms based on how an application is used by Windows and Internet Explorer users. Reputation may be based on the downloaded application or can also be assigned to the publisher based on digital certificate information. Only Authenticode Certificates issued by a CA that is a member of the Windows Root Certificate Program can establish reputation. ↩︎