App developer


“When my first app became available in the App Store on June 10, I hoped to make about $100 from it. I priced it at $0.99, and figured at least a few people would be looking for a Bible verse app for their Apple Watch.

I quickly realized I wasn’t going to make my revenue goal when by early October the app had only sold a grand total of 14 copies. So, I made it free. Now it’s up to about 90 total downloads.”

Becky Hansmeyer

When I launched my first app, Lucky Dip, in 2009, I had high hopes. Sales figures of the app dashed those hopes in no time. It went from 0.59p to free after about a month, and I incorporated iAd in 2010. Even now, after three years of being off sale, it still brings in some advertising revenue.

These days, my expectations are far more modest: I don’t want crashes, and as long as I learn something new, I’m relatively happy. The gold rush of years ago no longer exists.