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The Best Email App for iPhone

Sean O’Kane via The Verge:

More than anything, a good email app should be fast. Refreshing your inbox, loading messages — none of these things should take more than a second or two. It should also give you plenty of different ways to deal with the daily email deluge. That means letting you do things like reply, archive, delete, or schedule messages with swipes or taps, while also giving you easy access to other services like calendars and files.

Beside powerful options, a good email app should also have a great design — not just so that it’s easy on the eyes, but so it’s easy to use. If an app makes it too hard to glance at your inbox and know what’s important, it’s time to try a different email client.

It seems strange to me that the review fails to consider a vitally important part of email: Security. No third party mail app supports S/MIME which has been baked into iOS since 2011. I accept that email security is unwieldy and causes issues with webmail, but third party apps should, at the very least, support S/MIME.