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macOS 10.13.4 eGPU Support

The 10.13.4 release of macOS includes full support for eGPUs. As detailed in the support note:

With eGPU support in macOS 10.13.4, you can:
• Accelerate applications that use Metal, OpenGL, and OpenCL
• Connect additional external monitors and displays
• Use virtual reality headsets plugged into the eGPU
• Charge your MacBook Pro while using the eGPU
• Use an eGPU with your MacBook Pro while its built-in display is closed
• Connect an eGPU while a user is logged in
• Connect more than one eGPU using the multiple Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports on your Mac
• Use the menu bar item to safely disconnect the eGPU
• View the activity levels of built-in and external GPUs. Open Activity Monitor, then choose Window > GPU History

What you cannot do with a connected eGPU, and which is major disappointment, is accelerate the internal display of an iMac or MacBook.