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Default .gitignore for iOS and OS X Projects

Whenever you start a new Xcode project you are presented with the option of creating a Git repository on your Mac or on a server. The issue with this is that you don’t get a .gitignore file by default, so your initial commit is full of stuff you don’t necessarily need, like .DS_Store. There is an option to provide a default .gitignore when a new repository is initialised.

First, open/create your .gitconfig file in Terminal:

nano ~/.gitconfig

Add the following configuration details:

        excludesfile = ~/.gitignore

Save the file: Ctrl + X, Y, Enter

Then, open/create a new .gitignore at root level:

nano ~/.gitignore

Add the following configuration details to ensure that git intentionally will not track these files:

# Xcode
# gitignore contributors: remember to update Global/Xcode.gitignore, Objective-C.gitignore & Swift.gitignore

## Build generated

## Various settings

## Other

## Obj-C/Swift specific

## Playgrounds

# Swift Package Manager
# Add this line if you want to avoid checking in source code from Swift Package Manager dependencies.
# Packages/

# CocoaPods
# We recommend against adding the Pods directory to your .gitignore. However
# you should judge for yourself, the pros and cons are mentioned at:
# Pods/

# Carthage
# Add this line if you want to avoid checking in source code from Carthage dependencies.
# Carthage/Checkouts


# fastlane
# It is recommended to not store the screenshots in the git repo. Instead, use fastlane to re-generate the 
# screenshots whenever they are needed.
# For more information about the recommended setup visit:



Save the file: Ctrl + X, Y, Enter

Subsequent git repositories will read from this .gitignore file when being initialised.

Note: If you wish to override the patterns in this .gitignore, you can add a local (to the repo) .gitignore that negates the pattern. For example, if you wanted to include playground.xcworkspace in the commit, you would add !playground.xcworkspace to the local .gitignore file.

Recommended Reading:

  1. Git - gitignore Documentation (via Git-SCM).