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Content Blockers in iOS 9

Update: Marco has pulled his Peace content blocker from the App Store.

Today sees the release of iOS 9 and with it Safari Content Blockers. These are small applications (with associated extensions) that allow you to block specific content such as adverts and background trackers when browsing the web. Users see immediate increases in browsing speed and better privacy.

Websites that rely on advertising as a source of revenue are rightly concerned and some are responding. Without a doubt, their revenues are about to take a tumble.

I have no issue with advertising when it is displayed in a tasteful way. Unfortunately, when it comes as pop-unders, pop-overs, videos, and banners — sometimes all on the same site — it’s too much. Content blockers are a necessary response to an unethical practice.

I am was using the Peace content blocker, though there are several more already in existence.