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Commenting Now Enabled for Members
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Commenting Now Enabled for Members

Commenting Now Enabled for Members

Update 2020-05-29: This post is out of date. Commenting remains enabled for members but is now powered by Cove. That means no more external login.

The original post is below for reference.

If you're a free or paid member, commenting has now been enabled. If you've not signed up, you can do so here. This feature is powered by

Here's a quick primer:

  • The comment box is available at the bottom of all articles
  • It will only display if you are logged in to the site
  • To comment, you will need to sign in to via Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Gitlab, or using an email address as anonymous comments have been disabled

Why did I choose over other services, such as Disqus or Discourse?

  • Privacy: No ads, no cookies other than those that are necessary, and no tracking
  • Speed: It adds just 11kb to the page size
  • Ease of Use: only two lines of code to embed
  • Styling: the comments box matches the typography of the rest of the site

Let's see how this goes!


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