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Meet bPay – Barclays answer to Apple Pay.

Just spotted this on The Next Web:

“British bank Barclays would prefer if you used its own hardware to pay for your next purchase rather than your phone. It announced today three ‘bPay’ devices for making your next payment: a wrist wearable, a keyfob and a sticker for your phone.”

  • A wrist wearable that only allows you to pay for things. No fitness or time keeping features. It’s certainly focussed.
  • The keyfob is acceptable: it’s small enough that it wouldn’t get in the way.
  • The sticker isn’t even something I’d consider - it detracts from the design of the phone.

The clincher? Barclays expect you to pay:

“bPay devices will be available from July 1, starting at £14.99 for the sticker, £19.99 for the key attachment and £24.99 for the wearable wristband.”