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Boot Camp Now Supports Windows 10

Boot Camp 6 also includes support for several Mac features within Windows 10, including USB 3, USB-C, Thunderbolt, built-in SD and SDXC card slots, built-in or external Apple SuperDrives, and the Apple keyboard, mouse and trackpad.

Husain Sumra

I’m interested to see if the new version of Boot Camp—version 6—resolves the issues I’m having with installing any version of Windows on my 3TB Fusion Drive: it continually places the Boot Camp partition outside the 2TB boundary supported by Windows (see this issue).1

I have, however, been running Windows 10 on my MacBook Pro under the previous version of Boot Camp without issue. While it’s certainly a solid release, I think streaming games from Xbox One is my favourite feature.

  1. I have a support ticket open with Apple and they've suggested some of the weirdest things (e.g. remove the Windows USB install media after you've formatted the Boot Camp partition to NTFS).

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