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Updates the app to Swift 3 and renames the app to Baby Feeds.


This version of Baby’s Milk adds functionality that allows you to edit saved feeds.


New Feed Measurement Options

This version of Baby’s Milk introduces two feed measurement options:

Existing saved feeds are updated to display the new feed amounts.

Default Feed Measurement Option

A new set of options are available on the Settings screen which lets you select the default feed measurement. This affects future feeds and the display of saved feeds.

Improved UI

The Add Feed screen has been revised so that the quantity field is in a more prominent position.


This version improves performance.



This version of Baby’s Milk introduces graphs for weekly and monthly feeds.

Default Feed Source

A new option has been added that allows you to select what the default feed source should be. For example:

NSUserDefaults.standardUserDefaults().setObject(FeedSource.BottledFormula.rawValue, forKey: Constants.defaultSourceKey)

Bug Fixes


UI Improvements

Anytime a figure is >1000mL it will be displayed in Litres.


Initial release.