Stuart Breckenridge


iOS Apps

Singapore Transit

Singapore Transit is a fast, beautiful app for the people of Singapore. Using your location, the app can determine nearby bus stops, or you can search for any bus stop in Singapore. Not only do you get the estimated arrival time, you can also see the location of arriving buses on the map. Subtle colour changes also let you know whether you’ll be able to grab a seat on an arriving bus, or if you’ll have to stand.

That’s not all, though! Singapore Transit also allows you to view the latest MRT service status and any available public bus or MRT shuttle serivces that are in operation, along with traffic status, rich notifications, and Apple Watch support.

Check out the website.

Baby Feeds

Baby Feeds helps you monitor your baby’s milk intake: date, time, amount, source; with daily, weekly, and monthly comparison statistics.

The FFI List

The FFI List is the most efficient way to monitor and validate GIINs contained in the IRS FFI List. Retired.

Primes — Numbers Game

Play Primes — show the world just how good with numbers you really are by finding the highest Prime numbers possible in each round. Retired.

Amazing Flag Quiz

Amazing Flag Quiz is the premium flag quiz game and comes with over 230 flags in six different games, with leader boards, achievements, and integration with Facebook and Twitter. Retired.


The official app of the Live@Troon 2012 music festival. This app has been retired.

Lucky Dip

The easiest and most convenient way to pick your lottery numbers for all UK based lottery games. This app has been retired but may make a come back.

macOS Apps

Solids for Mac

This small utility mimics the background changer on macOS. It is intended to be an open source sample app only. You can also download a zip file containing the app here:

FATCA Metadata Creator for macOS

For the first time, create IRS compatible FATCA metadata files on macOS. You can also download the source code on GitHub.

Node Apps

iTunes Receipt Validation

Spin up a Node + Express app so you can validate iOS app receipts with the App Store.

Windows Forms

FATCA Packets

FATCA Packets is the .NET implementation of the IDES Data Preparation tool. You can read more about this tool here. The source code is available on GitHub and I’ve also made a ClickOnce deployment available here.

Code Samples

macOS History | Sample app written in Swift with UISearchController, Core Spotlight, and Peek and Pop.

UserNotifications | Sample app written in Swift demonstrating usage of the UserNotifications framework in iOS 10.

INR Conversions | Subclass of the Dimension type that allows for conversions between INR currency denominations: rupee, lahk, crore, etc…

SLComposable | SLComposable provides a simpler API for creating and presenting SLComposeViewControllers. This is available as a Cocoapod. No longer maintained.

Social Framework Reference | Sample app written in Objective-C demonstrating usage of SLComposeViewController and SLRequest. No longer maintained.

Optional Empty Table Views | This sample project shows how to refresh tableviews using the didSet observer in a way that avoids the use of optionals.