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Apple TV as a Games Machine

But in equipping the new Apple TV with older tech, there is the feeling that the firm isn’t quite ‘all in’ on its games strategy - and it’s difficult to avoid the sense that the device could become out-dated sooner rather than later. As things stand, the end result is that at a technological level, the A8 won’t be supplying 3D experiences on par with Xbox 360, let alone Xbox One. The firm’s insistence on sticking with relatively meagre levels of flash storage - 32GB as a base with usual eye-watering mark-up for the 64GB model - also limits the kinds of games we will be playing on it.

Richard Leadbetter

I once argued that Apple could be a real challenger in the console market. It has the user base, the platform, and a much lower barrier to entry—license fee wise—for third parties.

However, based on the technology used in this generation of Apple TV, it’s clear Apple don’t want to contend in the games console market: the hardware is not capable, the 64GB storage is paltry, and the limit of 2GB storage per app is smaller than what the original Xbox and PS2 had with their DVDs.

Oh well, Crossy Road at 1080p it is.