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Apple Release iOS 11.4

Juli Clover, for Macrumors:

iOS 11.4 is an audio-focused update, introducing support for multi-room audio through a new protocol that supports multi-room audio on all AirPlay 2 enabled devices.


The iOS 11.4 update also introduces Messages in iCloud, a feature that has been in the works for several months and was first promised as an iOS 11 feature in June of 2017. Messages in iCloud is designed to store your iMessages in iCloud rather than on each individual device, allowing for improved syncing capabilities.

I’m looking forward to Sonos updating their Sonos One to support AirPlay 2 so that I can use it as a speaker for Apple TV. I’m of the opinion that no matter how good the speakers are on a flat screen TV, they are inevitably hobbled as they tend to be on the back of the unit, facing a wall. Apple TV through a Sonos One should be very good.

Messages in iCloud is a bit of a strange one: after I updated my iPhone had a ton of older messages (both SMS and iMessages) dating back to November 2016. They were not present on any other device until I updated to 11.4. It begs the question as to whether Apple had these messages on their servers all this time, and if they did, why did they have them.

Secondarily, I have over 8GB in iMessage history and I imagine anyone else that’s been in the Apple ecosystem for any reasonable length of time will have something similar. The measly 5GB iCloud storage limit is going to breached fairly quickly with Messages in iCloud. Apple need to increase the free storage limit.