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The AMP Experiment

I’ve been having a little break from writing this blog over the last few weeks and I’ve used that time to experiment with both a Wordpress and Squarespace migration using test content. This was an investigation to satisfy my curiosity around some of the new publishing formats: Apple News (native) and Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Despite not being powered by a CMS, this blog is already supported on multiple formats:

  • RSS
  • Facebook Instant Articles (xml file)
  • Apple News (RSS)

However, using Wordpress or Squarespace opened up the possibility of using the native Apple News format: Wordpress uses a plugin, while for Squarespace publishing is built-in. For a small blog such as this one I didn’t see enough of a benefit, other than advertising, over publishing to Apple News using RSS.

Similarly, publishing AMP pages using Wordpress or Squarespace was also possible1 but I couldn’t see any benefit to this at all. I noticed immediately — and it has been written about extensively — that AMP URLs do not relate to the original content. All AMP URLs are served from instead of the canonical URL. In addition to the fact that AMP pages are floated to the top of mobile search results, it makes AMP nothing more than an overt land-grab of the open web.

Do not use AMP.

  1. It’s also possible on Jekyll via a plugin. However, I found this to be quite a tricky plugin to implement. ↩︎