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Hi, I'm Stuart Breckenridge.

I live and work in Singapore with my amazing wife and son, but hail from a seaside town in Scotland, Troon. I studied Marketing and Business Law at the University of Strathclyde, which is situated on a ridiculously steep hill. Professionally, I work in project management, but on the side, I develop apps for iOS, iPad OS, and Watch OS.

My main aim for this website is to share my passion for developing apps and using products in Apple's ecosystem. This generally means the occasional sharing of code, articles on my current thinking on working within the App Store, and hot takes on trending Apple-related technology news.


If you're a member, you can comment on articles. You can follow me and ping me on Twitter @stuarticus. I'll do my best to respond!


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Opinions on this website are my own and don’t reflect those of others.

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