App developer

New Website

I’ve been on Wordpress, SquareSpace, Tumblr, and Ghost. All of them were good in their own way, but didn’t give me the level of control I wanted. So I’m giving Jekyll a try.

Content from my old website is still in the process of being transferred1. You’ll may also see some broken links for a while as Amazon’s Route53 has really screwed up the DNS records for my old domain.

A bit of background on the design:

  • The theme is Minimal Mistakes.
  • Typography is provided by Cloud.Typography. Currently a combination of Whitney and Ideal Sans, though I’ve been known to chop and change.
  • Hosted on Amazon S3 and distributed via Cloudfront as the CDN.
  • RSS is provided by FeedPress.
  1. I’ve had to export from SquareSpace to Wordpress, and then Wordpress to Jekyll. ↩︎