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2XU Compression Run 2015

The postponed 2XU Compression Run is happening on August 2nd. While the route has yet to be announced, a few extra bits of information have trickled out:

“Flag-Off Time: 4.30am (21.1KM), 7.30am (10KM) and 8.30am (5KM)
Venue: Marina East Drive (Open field beside 201 Marina East Drive, Singapore 029997)

Due to the changes in the date and venue of the run, please also note that there will be changes in terms of the layout and race route. While the route may not be as ideal as we would like it to be, the replacement route has been derived with the best of our abilities, given the sudden change in circumstances and because many venues were booked a year in advance. The updated race route will be announced this week due to restrictions by stakeholders.


The start point is hard to get to, so have a look at the getting there guide.