Two legs—and just over 9,500km—are complete: Sydney to Singapore and Singapore to Coimbatore, India. The next flight takes us from Coimbatore to Berlin, Germany1.

To break the long-haul flights up a bit there will be a few additional stops added in Europe:

  • Berlin to EuroAirport (which is on the border between France, Germany, and Switzerland)
  • EuroAirport to Hawarden Airport, Wales (the iOS Dev Weekly detour, and, as will be made obvious, to see a lot of wings)

Running Repairs

I had to take apart my Thrustmaster Airbus flight stick as the rudder has been misbehaving on the last two flights. Just look at the rudder and pedals here. It turns out I had the same issue as discussed here and it’s now fixed!

Fun Additions

The NetNewsWire Flight Deck cup:

NetNewsWire Flight Deck Cup

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  1. One of the most jaw-dropping things I’ve seen was on a night flight from Singapore back to the UK. When we were over northern India, I had a look out the window and not only were the stars super clear—which was expected—they appeared to have depth. Some seemed close while others were distant. My wife confirmed I wasn’t the only one to see this. I’ve never seen it since. ↩︎